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Executive coaching for lawyers and managers who want tailored training on a one-to-one basis in their own work place or a location of their choice.

The benefits of executive coaching are:

  • More cost effective coaching avoiding travel time to reach a seminar destination

  • Tailored to your own work situation
  • Gain discreet senior management performance enhancement
  • Able to discuss sensitive management or business development issues in confidence

Develop and enhance your existing skills in terms of:

1. Being clear about where you see the business going
2. Encourage people to achieve your vision for the future
3. Get things happening to make it achievable

  • From talent management to creating a business development culture
  • Influence and persuasion skills enhancement
  • Essential presentation skills for critical meetings
  • Performance management skills ~ Make it professional
  • Peer group management
  • Sales skills for successful solicitors and business owners
  • Strategies to gain a first appointment and build a relationship with a potential key client
  • Resolve conflict in the work place ~ and go home with a smile
  • Diversify into new business areas
  • See further topics for solicitors and business managers

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